Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Watercolor and Scrapbook Layout

I am so happy I had time to make another scrapbook layout :)
this layout was inspired by Pink Fresh Studio 
with this month theme Watercolors,
don't their watercolors look awesome?!

and of course I used my favorite color: Teal

I do have to say that even though the watercolors 
look good on the regular 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
I prefer how they look in watercolor paper
plus it doesn't warp as regular paper
well, lesson learned :)

also since I used yellow, black and white 
I can also link to Cupcake Inspirations challenge

I wanted to go over the details
I found the perfect colorful scrap paper piece
in my stash to combine with this layout
and of course I had to stamp on it :)

Then on the bottom I used a matted word 
which I inked with black around the edges
to match the stamp on the top

Then I used some words that I cut out 
of a scrapbook paper background
to scatter around the page

and this one shows you how I matted the picture with two different
scrapbook paper scraps that helps me bring the picture out
with a little cluster on the side using a bubble sticker.

I hope this have been informative and inspiring for some of you :)

Let's see if I can keep this ball rolling 
at least until I go back to school
which I know is going to keep me busy :)

and yes, that's me in the picture :D


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Staying Creative with a Simple Mixed Media Page

I am trying to stay active in my blog
by showing you what am I up to :)

I love to make a variety of things
for some reason I can't stay focus in just one area of art

I love scrapbooking. art journaling, mixed media, you name it.

Today I am sharing a mixed media page 
I made yesterday inspired by a few challenge blogs I follow.

I am not the sparkle kind of person 
so I looked for a quote since I love to encourage people :)
in combination with

I had to work with black which for me is a hard color to use
but what better way to make sparkles shine even more
than a black background
then splashed some yellow paint by tapping the end of my paintbrush
and let it dry to be able to write with my white pen.

for this one I couldn't resist 
I had to add my favorite color: Teal

Pretty simple and that's the point
hoping I can stay creative and active in my blog

Thanks for visiting :)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

One Happy Day

I am so proud of myself today :D
I usually never give time to myself
to do the things I like 
but lately I've been working on myself
I mean deep work and I am seeing the results :)

Anyways, I am so happy that I am able to come here to my blog
and share what I like :0

I've been wanting to go back to scrapbooking
for the longest time now, 
and seems like I am finally doing it :)

Here my desk
I took a picture of it 
for WOYWW (What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday)
I know I am a day late :/
but like they say, better late than never lol

and here is closer picture of my project

a scrapbook page from our last trip to Puerto Rico 

This page is the result of a scrapbooking class I took
and a combination of inspiration 

Thank you so much for visiting
and if you have any questions just place a comment
I'll be happy to help :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Taste of Japan Mixed Media Art

Hello, hello out there. I am trying to stay true to myself and use my creativity any way possible.
I love art like some of you know and in order to stay creative after my trip to Japan, which was amazing! It sure changed my life! I am trying to make art every day in some form or another. F

and this mixed media page is based on my trip to Japan and their delicious, delicate and beautiful food :)

I call this: A Taste Of Japan

because is not only about their delicious food and teas
but it's also about their awesome culture

the cuteness all over the place

and the life changing experience I had 
while I stayed there for 3 weeks :)

I consider myself very blessed I was able to go there 
and experience such a wonderful place.

I'll be bringing you more Japan inspired art soon :)

Much Love,


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dream of Building Community

I dream. I dream awake.

I come home from work and for days now, while I am cooking, washing the dishes, sweeping or whatever else I am doing at home, I catch myself day dreaming, I imagine myself sitting with a laptop (which I don't have) ha ha ha and simply writing about my life and everything I like, all I can think of is writing, coming to my blog and write.
I've been having this thought for a few months now but lately it has been very persistent especially the last few days, so from all the personal growth books, podcasts and summits that I have read and listen to, that's exactly what I have to do. 


I know that a thought that doesn't leave you alone is for a reason, you have to pursue it. You have to follow that instinct. You have to listen to it and do it. For your own sake, for your own sanity :)

I could go write in my journal and write for myself, which I do, but then I don't get the interaction of other people, which I like; plus I am also much faster typing than writing with a pen and paper. Sometimes when I journal in my notebook my hand is not as fast as my brain and most of the time I don't even understand what I wrote since I am doing it so fast to catch up with my thoughts.

Anyways, so here you'll have me, coming to my blog, following my instincts, writing about whatever I have to write that day. Things that I learn, my thoughts, opinions, things that are bugging me in my head ha ha ha, well you get the idea :)

I hope you can come follow me and interact with me in this new journey :)