Thursday, April 5, 2018

Feathers - A Connection with Spirituality

I have made a commitment to myself 
to do things that I like 
in order to discover who I truly am.
Some of you might not even understand that
how can someone not know themselves?
but when you live an overprotected life,
where you were taught to do as is said 
and learn how to please everybody else
you kind of loose yourself growing up.
But it got to the point that things change for me 
and in my personal growth journey 
I came to learn that I needed to know who I truly am
and what I really like to be happy.

So here I am exploring all the things that I like 
one step at the time.

Here is art as one of them.
But art can't stay on the paper just to look pretty;
for me it has to mean something
it has to be practical, functional, useful.

I made these feathers

I chose a split complementary color scheme 
using blue-violet and blue-green.

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Feathers is one of my favorite things
I believe I read somewhere that
 feathers represents a connection to spirituality
so just perfect for me

I also made three feathers, using three colors

After spraying the feathers
I decided to fill them up 

But I just couldn't leave it on the paper
I had to cut them out and see what would they look like 

Pretty I think :)

So here it is keeping me company on my computer desk :)

I would love to see what are you making, writing or reading
leave me a comment to come visit you

Much love,


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

WOYWW 461 Tiny Pages

Wow this week just flew by especially the weekend.

This week I am posting pictures of the pages of my tiny book
a lot of you have asked to see them, which makes me super happy :)
and as promised here they are

Let me start by explaining that this pages are about some of the things I like

I love...

Coffee, yes I love coffee
and I don't know what am I going to do the day I have to leave it 
for some health reason or something lol

I love to learn, and grow
I love to read, write,
and investigate my inner self more and more

I love nature
so I put the little mushrooms there
it was as close as nature as I had in art supplies ha ha ha

and that little stamp says Give Thanks
which is one of the things I always do

I love cultures and languages
so as soon as I saw this scrapbook paper 
I had to put it in my little book 

I love the beach
yes, thank goodness I live in Florida
but just so you know
 my dream place to live (again) is in Puerto Rico

I love art
I just can't leave this out
I love art 
I love art
I love art
it just feels so renewing, healing, grounding, inspiring, creative
did I say?
I love art? lol

I think I would be a happy camper if I could teach art too :)

Oh my gosh, this is another one that I just love!!!
I love to dance, some latin music baby
oh, I can feel it! ha ha ha

And the last page of my tiny book is that 
I love tiny things

Now of course there is a lot more things that I love
like yoga, meditation, doodling, writing, reading...
but I just couldn't fit it in my tiny book
which gives me a great idea of making things that shows others
what do I love and what am I all about :)

Thank you for stopping by

Lots of love,


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Inside the Box is Me

For my birthday my girls gave me some awesome art and mixed media books
immediately I started getting antsy to make art :D

So here is my first project in a looooong time lol
I made a mini book about me
which was inspired by Simon Say Monday Challenge

Is a tiny book about some of the things I love :)

you can watch the video of every page in detail
I hope you can visit me there too :)

Be inspired and make art

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

WOYWW 460 A Mini Book About Me

I know my participation in WOYWW is on and off
I can have tons of excuses like, life gets in the way lol
but I have to tell you I really enjoy it a lot :)
no matter how long it passes by.

This week my table finally has some space where I can work on :D
and still looks messy.
But hey! art is messy
if not it would not be fun at all :)

Here you have a close up of what am I working on
is a tiny book about me 
and some of the things that I love :)

I feel so good dusting off 
all those little things and art supplies 
that I have and haven't use in a while.

I'll show some more tomorrow
when I finish it
hopefully with a video 

Come back soon :)


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Expressing Feelings through Art

For quite a while now I've been looking inwards and asking myself lots of questions about my life, my future, my path, asking for clarity, joy, and true happiness.

I've been reading personal growth and spiritual books, follow therapists and inspiring people online, to learn more about what is it that I really need. Then I come to realize that I've been in this "chasing my dream future" game for too long, I realized that am not living my present and only life to the fullest.

After praying for clarity and meditating, I come to notice that when I follow my instincts things unfold for me in a mysterious but nice way in life. Following my intuition is a practice that I never had until my father past away. That was one of the last thing he told me: Follow your intuition. So I started getting curios about it since then.

Now that I follow my intuition I am starting to crave other things like being creative, which bring me to write this post and share my journey.  I started taking a class online about healing through art and this is my first art journal page of this healing process. Before I started I asked myself a question:

What hurts inside? 

then... I asked myself another question which is what I am going to journal about,
this question is personal, like
what makes me happy? what am I grateful for? or like mine was:

How do I want to feel?

Then I went about working on my art journal.

I really didn't have anything in mind to start with I just looked at the blank page and asked myself that question:
How do I want to feel?
I started looking at some magazines and things just started showing up for me. 
I didn't glue anything down yet, I just arranged in the page how I liked it and then when I was done cutting things out I moved everything carefully out of my page and did a quick intuitive background. It dried pretty quick so I proceeded to glue things down :)

I feel so much better now :)

Thanks for visiting :)
and this is what's on my workday today :) WOYWW