Friday, February 27, 2015

Today I Am Grateful For You, For My Readers...

I've been wanting to write this since yesterday and I am not going to put it off anymore.
Right now as I am writing this, I have a migraine that has been with me for 12 hours now.
But like I said... I am not going to put it off anymore.

I am writing here to say... THANK YOU
THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and most of all for commenting.
THANK YOU because those comments let me know that you were here and you saw something you liked.
THANK YOU because those comments encourage me to keep on going and posting in my blog.
THANK YOU because the more I read about what you have to say here, the more I want to share and teach the little bit I know. (comparing to other people)
THANK YOU because you make me feel that I have friends, even though you are distant from me, I know that you are there ready to talk and share our arts and crafts at anytime.
I know a lot of people say, online friends are not real friends.
But I say, online friends are real people,
who have the same passions that I have,
who enjoy the same things that I enjoy,
who share their talent as I share mine.
Online friends are real friends.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Outside the Art Journal Page - Paper Feathers

Thank you Effy for holding this challenge.
Making paper feathers where so easy
and so much fun :)

I am hooked now lol
I want to see feathers everywhere
from my studio (I feel so fancy saying that lol)
closet doors like here
to my art journal pages.

I just LOVE them :)

Thank you for stopping by :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WOYWW 299 New Art Journal Pages

Hello everybody, thanks for visiting my blog again :)
I am super happy you are here

Here is what's on my workday today :)
somewhat a mess lol
and my new art journal pages that I'm working on
I know you guys already saw the clock one
but I am trying to add something to the one next to it
I feel like it needs something, but I haven't figure it out yet :)

Also I know it depends on me...
but I think it would be fun to know...

what would you put in that white empty organizer
you see almost at the top of the picture?

Thanks for stopping by
and having a little chat with me :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Art Journal Page - Watercolor Heart

This watercolor heart was made 
while playing with the kids at preschool

The effect was better than expected
so I figure I share :)


Friday, February 20, 2015

A Sketch A Day Keeps The Dullness Away


Covering the Good Stuff

A while ago I started a gratitude journal
I was wondering what am I going to do with it
until Art to the 5th came up with Feb 14 challenge

Art Challenge:  Cover Up Good Stuff
Journal Prompt:  Going Undercover

I have never done this before
and I had a lot of fun covering my good personal stuff :)

Thank you for visiting my blog :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Got Milk? Layout

Last night my daughter and I had time to make a
scrapbook layout
about a trip that we had to 
The South Florida Fair
which we never miss.
We go every year :)

She just loooooves petting and feeding the animals :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Truth Will Set You Free

Triple the Scraps has a Scripture challenge

My art journal page is based on
John 8:32
"and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

Also participating in Scribble and Scraps

I hope you it and inspire you in some way :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Finding Your Passion In Life

As I am trying to set a morning routine, one of the things I wanted to include in my mornings is meditate.
I've been meditating nearly every morning now asking for clarity.

What am I here for?

What is my path in this life?

I guess this is how my midlife crisis has hit lol if there is such a thing as midlife crisis.

Anyways...I've been asking for clarity in my life,
clarity to know, what I am going to do with the rest of my life,
clarity with what is my path in life from now on.
I love to help, how can I help people out there?
these are the questions I ask myself over and over again.

But...Guess what?

Would you consider that this is a coincidence?
In two different occasions on the same day last week,
while I was listening to a seminar and
then a book on CD in my car,
a word that I've never put any thought into,
showed up... TWICE...twice...


The message was...
to surrender to your present life,
wow! that really hit me hard!
since I've been fighting what I do for living
I've been fighting my hobbies,
I've been fighting my daily life.

They said:
this is who you are.
Where you are right now is where you are meant to be. (sigh...)
This is how you make your path,
by living your life as it comes in the moment.
(pretty much it's saying Be Present)

I never felt such a agitation in my body and the feeling of wanting to cry as they said this.

SURRENDER to your life.
This is what you are meant to do,
keep on living your present life because this is going to take you to your future.
This might not mean much to you but
I felt it so vivid, so true for me, so personal.

So yes, just like that word ACCEPTANCE came to my life and hit me hard,
just like that SURRENDER has change my life by helping me be happier with myself.

In the seminar they were saying that the magic happens when you surrender.

  • Feel the acceptance.
  • Observe life as it unfolds for you.
  • Be willing to accept your life.
  • Be at peace with yourself.
  • Observe through your eyes, experience it through your body.
  • Bring self love.

(I mean this was heavy for me)

The more at peace you are the more powerful you are,
that way you are NO longer chasing your path,
instead you are resting in fulfillment
and your life becomes about something else entirely.
It becomes about inner harmony, balance,
in alignment with you, your values, your authentic self.
Be who you are and the sky will be the limit.

Your purpose is to be yourself.
There is no finding your purpose.
You are already living your purpose.

The more we accept our life and our purpose,
the more we relax into it,
the more we start to open up to that greater purpose.

So the only thing that changes now is that you start to navigate life peacefully,
choosing this consciously brings harmony because you know that that's real.

The only way to transform is to turn around and face what you are running away from.
That will allow you to break free and feel free.
Be authentic. Be Yourself.

Whatever you do
get into it
because your heart is into it.

With Love,

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Back to Basics: Drawing and Coloring #KSCFeb15

My drawing is a little funky here ha ha ha

I decided to draw my bike that I got for Christmas
but it looks a lot better here

Friday, February 13, 2015

My Take On A Sketch Challenge

I miss traditional scrapbooking
but while I am getting my things organized 
I decided to make a digital layout
of my daughter in a petting farm
at the South Florida Fair

Participating in Splitcoast Stampers Sketch Challenge

Thanks for visiting my blog

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Wow! Can you believe it's Wednesday already?

For some reason time just flies by
and seems like lately I am playing catch up

Anyways... here is my messy work table
I am a preschool teacher and I have their art work 
we are making a footprint tulip 
to send them out and make mugs, t-shirts, etc.
for gifts for mother's day and grandparents day.

I think the rest of my table speaks on his own lol

Thanks for stopping by.


Just Play - Don't Stop

This page came about 
after cleaning all my brushes on it lol
cleaning my corks (those are the circles you see)
then I used some pretty tissue paper
(from a gift)
that my kids where throwing away 
because it was all wrinkle
then I just wrote Play with 
3D fabric paint
after that the rest came along :)

Thanks for visiting my blog,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stained Glass Window Effect

This stained glass effect was very easy
it only took:

bleeding tissue paper
and a black sharpie

as you can see it's not completely perfect
as when I put the tissue paper 
I wasn't planning on making it
a stained glass effect
the idea came after 
and as some of you know
I go with the flow ;)

I hope this brings some ideas and inspiration for you :)

Take care,

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Am Stuck In A Creative Rut. How Do You Get Out Of It?

Marianne asked this question in one of the groups I belong to. My answer was so long that I decided to post it here on my blog, hopefully others will benefit from it too.
Hi Marianne, I went through this a while ago. What worked for me was to take radical measures.
I don't want to scared you but this is what worked for me... 
I stopped watching the art journaling videos, I promised myself that I had to play in my art journal before I go watch another video again.
I know videos bring a lot of inspiration, but inspiration doesn't take you to ACTION

I also stopped browsing the net, because it was EATING the little time that I had to play with my art journal. 
After taking such a drastic measure I took the same time that I was taking watching videos and started journaling.
I faced the blank page and still felt stuck not knowing what to do, but I let my feelings talked through my hands, took some paint in my hands and started going at it on the page, yes, just like that, like a crazy lady fingerpainting like a two year old. 
Then I took a deep breath... looked at my page and just let it dry. Don't judge what you have in front of you, just let it be. Come back to it another day and if you don't like it you can spatter more paint on top of it or collage on it. 
The point is that the more I did this, the more ideas came to my head. I know I am not a great art journaler, but that's how I am finding out what I love to do. Which is doodling and making backgrounds so far.
Another thing that I heard and tried that worked was... JUST DO IT! yeah like the Nike commercial JUST DO IT!. So grab your stamps, pens, colored pencils, whatever you have at hand and start doodling, sketching whatever you see in front of you and START JUST START
It will probably take a few times to do this until you get to the routine that DOING is more important than WATCHING others do art.
After you get this DOING down science, then you can come back to ONE video for inspiration and START DOING ART AGAIN based on what inspired you, but don't let that video become ten. 
The internet has its way to suck you in, so just put in your mind that (at least this is what I do) the internet is a very valuable tool that I am very fortunate to have when I NEED IT.
Another thing that I have tried and helped was to do art journal after you meditate if this is something you don't do you can start by doing a 1 minute meditation which I did and it worked then little by little you'll increase the time to you like, that also worked for me. 
I really hope this helps you and others out there. Please try it out and come back and let me know how are things going, I really would like to help as much as I can :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Yes! this is a little crazy. 
A little bit of everything. 
Like always I've been analyzing my life
and as I am trying to do the things I like and follow my heart
there is something about playing with paint and paper that I can't let go.

I LOVE to see everybody's art journals
but I know that art journaling is not exactly what I want to do.

What is it then?

Hmmm... I exactly don't know yet.
I am letting my heart guide me,
so far I know that I love to make backgrounds
and that's what I am planning to do with the art journal
that's on the bottom right corner and that's why it says
a work in project.
I am going to let the paint dry and hopefully play with it later
and see what I come up with.

What do you think?

Thanks for caring and sharing your opinion with me :)