Sunday, February 15, 2015

Finding Your Passion In Life

As I am trying to set a morning routine, one of the things I wanted to include in my mornings is meditate.
I've been meditating nearly every morning now asking for clarity.

What am I here for?

What is my path in this life?

I guess this is how my midlife crisis has hit lol if there is such a thing as midlife crisis.

Anyways...I've been asking for clarity in my life,
clarity to know, what I am going to do with the rest of my life,
clarity with what is my path in life from now on.
I love to help, how can I help people out there?
these are the questions I ask myself over and over again.

But...Guess what?

Would you consider that this is a coincidence?
In two different occasions on the same day last week,
while I was listening to a seminar and
then a book on CD in my car,
a word that I've never put any thought into,
showed up... TWICE...twice...


The message was...
to surrender to your present life,
wow! that really hit me hard!
since I've been fighting what I do for living
I've been fighting my hobbies,
I've been fighting my daily life.

They said:
this is who you are.
Where you are right now is where you are meant to be. (sigh...)
This is how you make your path,
by living your life as it comes in the moment.
(pretty much it's saying Be Present)

I never felt such a agitation in my body and the feeling of wanting to cry as they said this.

SURRENDER to your life.
This is what you are meant to do,
keep on living your present life because this is going to take you to your future.
This might not mean much to you but
I felt it so vivid, so true for me, so personal.

So yes, just like that word ACCEPTANCE came to my life and hit me hard,
just like that SURRENDER has change my life by helping me be happier with myself.

In the seminar they were saying that the magic happens when you surrender.

  • Feel the acceptance.
  • Observe life as it unfolds for you.
  • Be willing to accept your life.
  • Be at peace with yourself.
  • Observe through your eyes, experience it through your body.
  • Bring self love.

(I mean this was heavy for me)

The more at peace you are the more powerful you are,
that way you are NO longer chasing your path,
instead you are resting in fulfillment
and your life becomes about something else entirely.
It becomes about inner harmony, balance,
in alignment with you, your values, your authentic self.
Be who you are and the sky will be the limit.

Your purpose is to be yourself.
There is no finding your purpose.
You are already living your purpose.

The more we accept our life and our purpose,
the more we relax into it,
the more we start to open up to that greater purpose.

So the only thing that changes now is that you start to navigate life peacefully,
choosing this consciously brings harmony because you know that that's real.

The only way to transform is to turn around and face what you are running away from.
That will allow you to break free and feel free.
Be authentic. Be Yourself.

Whatever you do
get into it
because your heart is into it.

With Love,

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