Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#WOYWW 303 Some More Goodies On My Desk

I couldn't believe this morning 
that it is Wednesday already!

Oh my! time is just creeping up on me.

Well, this is my work table today :)
You can see that I am working on some goodies :)
and I got a new set of Gelatos from my
10 y. old daughter for my Birthday on Sunday :)
How perfect is that!
She even waited to give it to me
at the beach just because the set has
tropical colors :)

How cute is that?

Have fun hopping through some more work desks :)

I'll visit you soon :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Crochet Project From Pinterest

Last week I worked on this project 
I saw on Pinterest
the instructions are awesome!

I know my bunting could use 
a little more sharpening,
but for making this the first time,
I am happy with it :)

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#WOYWW 302 My Work Space

Here is what I am working on :)

My mother started teaching me
how to make a rose/flower
out of yarn,
let's see how it turns out :)

The art journal is pretty much my daughter's play :)
she was making her own markers
and the little bit of ink that was leftover in the tube, 
I couldn't let her throw it away lol
I ask her to put it in my journal
and I'll play with it later :)

My white organizer is still empty :)
can you believe that!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When Little Things Matter

Since I am not working this week
I have a little more time to spoil myself :)
It does look like a heart,
don't you agree?  :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

National Craft Month


Can you believe this sale?

Craftsy is celebrating National Craft Month
by giving us a big discount
 up to 50% off
to learn more of what we love :)

What I like the most is that their classes
are always money back guarantee

You can click on the picture above
to get your discount 
sale starts today and ends Monday March 16th.

Happy National Craft Month :)

Are you going to celebrate with me?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#WOYWW 301

Yesterday I was determined to clean my craft table
and finally accomplished to reclaim more than half of it lol

I've been wanting to start a new project
something crafty for March for
"National Craft Month"
I started last night,
hopefully I can stick with it 
and finish it before the month ends :)

Thanks for visiting :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Book Review - Cut Out + Keep Around The USA In 50 Craft Projects

I just received Cut Out + Keep Around The USA In 50 Craft Projects right on time to get tons of ideas for March which is craft month.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.41.20 PM

The book has lots of crafts ideas and recipes which are explained step by step, easy to understand, very fun tutorials.

Each project introduces you to a new craft that you can try at home even with out kids. It's like a having a road trip in you own house getting souvenirs from every State.

Also educational with highlights and pictures of every State.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#WOYWW 300

After submitting my project to
I left a complete mess on my table lol

This is what my work table looks like now lol

I am heading off to visit more work desks :)

Have fun :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mixed Media Bunting Tutorial

Today I am sharing a special project :)
and I am also going to show how I made it.

I am making this post to respond to the 
#DTKall  #KraaftShaakDTKall   #DesignTeamKall  #DesignTeam

I hope you like it :)

This bunting represents me
How I am, what I like, what I live for :)

First I started with the prep work
 by applying white gesso to small paper bags

Then I added some acrylic paint to some of the bags
to use as a background

Now I am going to start by describing how I made each one 
of the flag starting with the left one that has the initials
J and J 
which represents my daughters, both of their names start with J :)

I started by applying a little glop of different colors of acrylic paint
and smashing it down with a children's brush 

once dry I took a piece of a paper full of holes
that I my husband had in between his tools in the garage lol
and used it as a stencil but you can find much pretty stencils here :)

when is dry you can stamp the letters J and the arrow 

Now for the second one I used a sponge to apply acrylic paint

then I just added a flower 
and a little yoga sticker also.

this represents my new way of exercise
which I am trying to stick with... yoga :)

Now lets move on to the next flag
I used a honeycomb stencil to make a background

where I stamped some words
(which I wrote lol )

This flag represents my dear life lol
because I get an Anaphylactic shock with bee stings :/
I discover this twice in my life 
once when I got stung
and another one when I was getting tested for bee allergies :/

O.k. so the next one is the easiest one
and very fun too
I painted the paper bag with

so much fun!

The next flag represents part of my morning routine
my gratitude journal
after I used the white gesso
I added blue acrylic paint
by painting it on bubble wrap
and then stamping it on the gessoed paper bag

once dry

I stamped the words
love on the top
and gratitude in the middle
then I doodled around them
I also drew two hearts with white acrylic paint
and doodled around them too
as well as the right edge of the flag :)

This next one I made is because I love coffee :)
so I started by cutting out pieces of paper from an old book
gluing them with
and adding some acrylic paint to the edges of those papers

once dry I added brown paint with a pencil eraser
to make dots

and then some stickers about coffee
and a coffee cup doodle that I made :)
using my Pitt Artist pen

Last but not least my favorite Owl :)
I smashed some blue acrylic paint
with a child's brush

while that was drying
I doodle my owl with a pencil
and then go over it with 

I cut it out and added to my flag
and painted the branch with brown acrylic paint

to add more depth to the whole picture
I drew the leaves with my Pitt Artist pen
as well as the little doodle on the corner :)

as you can see I cut a triangle at the end of all the flags
after they were all done.

To be able to hang the flags on the ribbon
I folded the paper bags using the
and gluing them on the back with the

I hope you like my project
it really didn't take that long
it was very quick and very easy too :)

with much love :)