Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Art Journal Diary - My Heart Wants...

In one of the many seminars I hear,
I was said that to have a vision
you need to know:

What does your heart want right now?

and It got me thinking:

I figure I follow my heart.

"I want to make art"

That's what I've been wanting lately
and I've been fighting it for a while.


Because to me it just didn't have a purpose.

I asked myself many times...
If I make art, if I start an art journal,
What do I do with it?

The answer so far is keep it.
just keep it for now.

I have found that art is therapy
Art is medicine.
Art gives me time with myself.
and I am not fighting it anymore.


  1. love your reasoning... I don't think everything has to have a reason, because it might just be the process, the experience that you enjoy... and that makes it worth it! visiting CED.

  2. Your canvas is great.
    Thanks for playing with us at Craft your Passion.
    Hope we see you again a next challenge.
    xxx Michelle (DT)
    PS: can you please link the Craft your Passion blog up????????

  3. Beautiful honey. Thanks you so much for joining us at Craft your passion.
    Naz xxx