Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Art Journal Notes - Organize Your Life With a Daily Routine

The more I read, the more I realize how important it is to organize your daily.
I discovered that having a daily routine helps you be more effective with your goals.

In this journal page I made some notes of the things that are important for me.
Which I want to incorporate in my daily routine.

I didn't write some of the specific things like:
Educate myself some more by listening to health summits or seminars
Write everyday, I love writing I just don't know if anybody cares about what I have to write lol
Make art
Write on my Gratitude Journal and
Have quality time with my daughter.

Besides all this I have what I do everyday, 
cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, yeah! everyday...
Go shopping
take care of my pets (a bunny and a Golden Retriever :)
work part time, 
take my daughter to school 
and pick her up.

I know that besides all this things that I already do everyday, is going to be hard to incorporate some more because my day is already busy. But lately I've been curious how others do it. And listening to some people here and there and reading some self help books, I come to find out that it is possible. There is a way. I've been trying it out by putting in practice a mix of different advice and it's working so far.

I'll write about this in another post :)

Thank you for visiting me :)

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