Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to DIY Styrofoam Stamps

Here is a close up of my #DIY #foam tray #stamps

Very easy to make.

Take the #Styrofoam vegetable trays
cut the edges off, so you have a flat surface
using a pencil of a pen, start making a design on your plate
(the more you push down the better impression you are going to get)
Once your drawing or design is done
you can start #printing
put paint on it with a brayer or a brush
but a brayer works better
and start printing away :)

Very easy #craft that you can make with your kids
it would make an original #Mother'sday card, too :)

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  1. It is always good to step back a evaluate the situation, no matter what that may be.
    Good for you for taking the time.