Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy and Comfortable

This is day 13 of my 90 day collage challenge
 hosted by Shelley Klammer

As I am working on my collages 
I keep on noticing that I can't stick to one thing when it comes to art,
is being a real challenge for me 
since I want to wonder around and do other kinds of art :)
but that's o.k. the reason why I am sticking to it
is because I really want to take advantage of her offer
if I finish the 90 collages I get to take her course for free
is a win win situation for me
I get to practice one of the arts I like: collage
and I get to take her course for free after I am done :)

But this being a real challenge is o.k.
you never know what you'll discover along the way

To make my collages more interesting for myself
I am adding acrylic paints
stamping, tissue paper, doodles, you name it,
which is called mixed media.
How funny everything I do keeps on taking me back to what I love:
Mixed Media :)

Love and peace,

1 comment:

  1. Exploration is always fun and this is lovely. I hate sticking to one thing too.