Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Not Everything Is Always Peachy #WOYWW 353

I only have one word for my work table this week

Yes! you can see here the reality of things
this is what happens to my work area
once in a while.

If I don't have anything laid out on my table
to work on
or a work in progress,
my work area becomes the
"put it there until I can get to it"

And of course I don't like that
so that's what I need to tackle as soon as I have time.

So what's on my table at the moments?
My paper cutter is the first thing that jumps out
under that is my scrapbook paper
all this was being used by my daughter for her science project
then you see some bags on the sides
those are things I bought at the thrift store that I use for my art :)
my jacket :P that doesn't seem to need anymore for now
since the weather is around the 70's here in Florida :(
and some boxes on the top right corner
is all scrapbooking stuff that my daughter was using
to decorate her science board

but that's what my work desk looks like today :/

Let's go visit some other work desks :)



  1. Nah, your desk looks fine to me. You should have seen the picture I posted of mine last weekend! Have a great day, only slightly jealous of your warmth here in cold and wet England. Cara x

  2. Great photo this morning, Clencia. Love the thought that you think your desk is a disaster - it's simply a space awaiting your fun time! Oh, a temperature in the 70's. Bliss, as we here sit shivering at around 35! It's blowing a hooley, raining every now and again - again! - and a most miserable day to think of going out - so I don't think I will!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  3. Ah yes, one of those days when the work desk has been used as a convenient dumping ground by all and sundry, I know that problem, but I am sure you will get it sorted soon and then you can do some more beautiful creating.
    Thanks for stopping at my desk.
    Chris #35

  4. My desk is normally a disaster unless I scrape it all off into a box and sit it in the floor!!! Have a great day and thanks for the visit!!
    Diane - WOYWW #38

  5. disaster or not, glad you showed us your desk, we see already enough prettified and modified pictures, just show the real thing and everybody can feel a lot better that way, that's my motto. Happy WOYWW from Vicky#8

  6. Not a disaster it's an opportunity to organize. Or you can clean like me and swipe it all off into a box. 😉
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #38

  7. Looks like a well used, well loved work desk space to me!! (haha, I can relate)
    Happy Creating!

  8. Hi Clemencia, I've not visited your blog before, so I was just look at your About Me page.

    I'm sure when you need to craft you get yourself sorted.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW

  9. Creative chaos is not necessarily a bad or uninspiring thing! Ali #68

  10. Your desk looks great! At least you're using it lol. I'm glad mine is upstairs that way everything doesn't get dumped on it. Nope, that would be the dining room table lol.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #48

  11. My desk/aka dining table has looked a lot worse :-) Thanks for popping by. Anne x #32

  12. Your desk is fab - it's a working desk! I wish I could get mine to look so 'lived in'
    Lovely and sunny here in Portugal and around the 70 degree mark too.
    Sorry I'm running a bit late on WOYWW
    Sharon xx #50

  13. your desk may be a mess, but the remains of a very industrious project. I hope she scores well on her project! Creative blessings! Kelly #61