Thursday, April 5, 2018

Feathers - A Connection with Spirituality

I have made a commitment to myself 
to do things that I like 
in order to discover who I truly am.
Some of you might not even understand that
how can someone not know themselves?
but when you live an overprotected life,
where you were taught to do as is said 
and learn how to please everybody else
you kind of loose yourself growing up.
But it got to the point that things change for me 
and in my personal growth journey 
I came to learn that I needed to know who I truly am
and what I really like to be happy.

So here I am exploring all the things that I like 
one step at the time.

Here is art as one of them.
But art can't stay on the paper just to look pretty;
for me it has to mean something
it has to be practical, functional, useful.

I made these feathers

I chose a split complementary color scheme 
using blue-violet and blue-green.

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Feathers is one of my favorite things
I believe I read somewhere that
 feathers represents a connection to spirituality
so just perfect for me

I also made three feathers, using three colors

After spraying the feathers
I decided to fill them up 

But I just couldn't leave it on the paper
I had to cut them out and see what would they look like 

Pretty I think :)

So here it is keeping me company on my computer desk :)

I would love to see what are you making, writing or reading
leave me a comment to come visit you

Much love,



  1. Such a lovely project and those feathers are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and playing along over on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog... x

  2. Your feathers are so creative and fun! Love them!!

  3. so soft and beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us at Mixed Media Monthly. =)

  4. Your feathers are very elegant indeed. I love the muted look. Very relaxing.