Monday, February 15, 2016

Cupcake Art 101: Patience

This little art journal page 
was a learning experience for me.

I decided to be daring and do something different,
let me explain...

for the background I used one of the pages of my gratitude journal
glued ripped texted paper randomly here and there.
while that was drying I started making the cupcake
on a separate paper

I used a big index card where I sprayed some paint

and as you can see I used a read cupcake liner to make this project

the next step was painting the cupcake part 
and outline it with white scribble paint

now... mistake #1 not waiting for this part to dry
mistake #2 taking pictures with my crappy cell phone lol

then as you can see here my cupcake is tilting
so I redid the cupcake liner to make it straight
mistake #3 looking for perfection in my art
(something I have never done before :/)

I cut it out and put it on my gratitude journal background
which it wasn't planned that way by the way :)
so here is mistake #4 not letting everything dry completely
before cutting all around the cupcake; it was wet, heavy and flimsy. 

and here is my final product
mistake #5, since it was still wet
I couldn't turn the cupcake part around to apply glue on it
so I applied the glue on my background - big mistake -
now that is dry you can see the shining from the glue :/

Oh well, my art is done, perfect of not lol
and I had to show it to you since it took so much effort
and share my learning experience so all the beginners out there
don't make the same mistake.

So I am going to call this #artjournal page
Cupcake Art 101: Patience 


  1. Awesome page- love how you used the cupcake liner! Thanks for being a part of Let's Play!

  2. Wow! This is amazing! So glad you shared at Cupcake Inspirations!
    Debbie, DT Sweetie

  3. yummy art journal page - thanks for sharing your creation at Cupcake Inspirations

  4. So loved that you shared your cupcake experience! I laughed with you - I've had those times too! The cupcake looks good enough to eat!

  5. Super cute!!! Thank you for joining us at Cupcake Inspirations, good luck!!! Amy DT

  6. Love the cupcakes! Such a cute and fun idea. And now I'm hungry. Have a great week. xo

  7. No mistakes from where I'm sitting...just a wonderful experience that you've learned from (and thank you for sharing it with us!), with results that truly are pretty and innovative! Your art journal page is fabulously artistic! Thank you for sharing this love-inspired gem in the Cupcake Inspirations gallery!

  8. Love your creation...and enjoyed seeing the process in photos. Looks great to me. Thanks for playing along with us at CYP. Hope to see you again soon. Good luck.
    Lynn, CYP DT

  9. Cupcake liners have such a cool texture, don't they?
    Wait a bit!--I think I may still have a few in a drawer somewhere. Thanks for the idea by way of this cute design idea on your page. I like your photos too.

  10. Love your cupcake Clemencia! Great idea to use the liner!

  11. I'm with Zsuzsa on this. I like the cupcake liner too. I still haven't found just the right project for any of my liners yet, but we'll see...