Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thank God for Art Therapy :)

Making my #expressitmonth art today
I came to a realization
but I am going to keep it a secret
for a little while...

Anyways, I started this page
by putting down my feeling
writing them down all over the page with
plain kids markers and since these markers
are water based I took a brush with water
and smeared it all around
pretty much the writing is not legible
and it gave the page a base color, a background.

Then I grabbed some acrylic paints
I browsed through whatever colors I have
and see what I felt like using
what I felt attracted to
what called me (if you want to put it that way)

I spread a few drops of each color 
here and there and then
spread it around the page as my feelings come out

I started with the brown/gold color
feeling the stress and anxiety 
then as I spread the green on the bottom
I was thinking I just want peace in my life
then the pink on the side says
I just want love, to feel love, to receive love
then the yellow means
I just want the sun to come out for me

Then I felt like smacking the page!
so I put some dark blue paint on my hand
to symbolize the darkness
saying: ENOUGH!!!

Enough is enough!
and smacked the page!!!

I feel so much better now :)
Took a deep breath
and thank God for
Art Therapy :)



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This Is How It Feels

This is what I woke up to do this morning

I don't know how I came up with this collage
especially today
last night it was really bad
couldn't sleep much
I was thinking and thinking about all our problems
my mind wouldn't quiet down

I took my headphones and cellphone
and put some meditation 
to help me sleep until I finally did
but even with that I kept on waking up on and off
all through the night

I woke up with a migraine
my husband gave me some medicine
and went back to sleep for a little bit
then I got ready for work
but before heading to work I saw I had 20 min
so I ran to get my collage tray
and started working on it

Any word that liked 
that showed up in the magazine
I cut and pasted it to my art journal

All I thought about while looking for words was:
and YOGA

That's the result :)
that's what those three things
feels like to me :)

Thank you for stopping by
and reading my
post of today :)

Love and Peace,


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Peaceful Meditation Art Journal Page

I made this art journal page a couple of days ago
after meditating for 15 minutes.

Life gets so stessful sometimes that
you need a little time away from everything
and I found that meditation helps me a lot
It didn't use to be like that for me at all
I used to sit there and try to meditate
and start thinking that it was really stupid 
but the more I read and heard about the benefits of
meditation the more I had to try sticking with it.

I remember I started by doing it only 2 minutes
then when I felt ready I increased to 5 minutes
then 8 then 10 now I can meditate up to half hour
it's an incredible feeling
as you can see in my picture
I am sure that if I make art after meditating more often
I will come up with different peaceful scenarios
which I might try by the way :)

I love #expressitmonth
I am tying to do it most days for a month
is just hard to find a quiet time
to come and post it on my blog

Again, thank you so much for being here

Much Love,


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thank You

I hope this post comes out good
I am writing it from my tablet :)

I made a page for my "Express It Month" 
challenge, it's not really a cover since I am using
an art journal that was already started.

I am very excited to continue with this challenge
your comments are making a world of difference to me
all you support means a lot to me, thank you.

I'll contimue to work on them
and post them as soon as possible

Thank you so much
for all your support and friendship offered :)


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 2: Overwhelmed #expressitmonth

Yes, that's exactly how I feel right now
At the moment I have a lot of pressure from work
get ready for father's day (week) presentation,
lesson plans, continuing education hours to do,
buy materials and supplies for classroom 
and all this is before the month ends.

On top of that I have house work,
which I know they can wait 
but I don't like to wear dirty clothes lol

I have to get new tires for my car
is raining a lot and it's really slippery
(not safe)
I have to get my car detailed,
that's my husband pressuring for that one
he insist that if I do that once a year (at least)
it will keep my car in better condition (paint wise)
for longer time. I hate paying so much for a car detail
but he says it's an investment that pays off on the long run
that way we don't have to get a new car any time soon
Which I don't want to since I love my silly old car :)

Also I have to call the credit report
and make sure everything is fine, since my daughter
had her ss# stolen a couple of years ago,
talking about stress right there
So now we have to freeze our credit
which is another thing on my list

Besides that I have to cook everyday
since my health condition is not that great
and we can save some money like that

O.k. can I cry now....
NO!!! thank you so much @TaraLeaver for this idea
I love expressing my feeling through art
even though when I am doing this 
my heart beat goes faster than normal
I know, I can feel that is helping me a lot
I feel relief immediately
such a good therapy

Thanks for reading all this
and visiting me :)

Much love

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Turning Feelings Into Art #expressitmonth

Here again trying one more thing

I know I might be overwhelming myself 
with all this art challenges and classes
I am taking but I really want to do this one

"Express It Month" by Tara Leaver

I really don't remember if I got an invitation
through her newsletter lately
or how did it show up in my inbox

I was there at the right time :)

This is my first page

(pray for me that I can stay with it)
I tend to bier off and wonder around
to do other things art related lol

As you can see this page has some anger in it 
that's why the red is there and the dark blue
I usually don't use strong colors like that
and thanks to this page
I feel better now.

Does anybody feel brave to join me?
I would love to if you let me know :)



Friday, June 10, 2016

#Spectrum week 5

I'm a little behind with Spectrum 2016
this is the result I got from week 5
the theme is Self-Forgiveness 

I love the texture of the background
and the cut out letters

I kept it simple since less is more :)

Thanks for visiting :)


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#WOYWW 366

Thank you for taking a look
at my crafty space :)

As you can see is not the work table anymore
my garage is way too hot 
and I moved to a mat on the floor in my room

I had to make it work somehow for me
the heat is insane here in Florida Uuuggg...

Anyways, here you can see the way I work
on my collages, which is what I've been doing lately
at least until I get to my 90 day commitment
today I made my #72 collage

where I put some #healthyrecipes that I found :)

just in case here is the link to my instagram if you want to see more :)

I am so dying to start doing other things
like I showed you last week
I just have to organize myself and find the time to do them :)

Thanks again for stopping by :)


Friday, June 3, 2016

Simple Watercolor Art Technique :)

Hello there!

I couldn't help it, today I was making a collage
and saw that cute little girl that 
Happy Print Club has on her site
then while browsing a little more
being the perfect addition to my collage :)

the background is made with regular children's markers
and sprayed water on them to get that watercolor effect.

I love finding simple art techniques
that make a big difference.

Do you have any to share?

Thanks so much :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#WOYWW 365

Hi everybody
I have neglected my blog
but plan to come back to it
once things get back to normal
and I find a good middle school for my daughter

Here n my desk you can see a printable
from Happy Print Club that 
I'm ready to work on and make a collage
you can see my collages on my Instagram

Under the printable is a paper peeking
from my Spectrum classes
which I am trying to catch up to :)

You can also see my gelli plate on the right hand side
waiting for me to be used :)

soon, soon :)
I know a quite a few of you have never used one
so I am going to start recording some videos
of my play with the gelli plate
as well as my other mixed media art :)

See you soon everyone :)