Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Peaceful Meditation Art Journal Page

I made this art journal page a couple of days ago
after meditating for 15 minutes.

Life gets so stessful sometimes that
you need a little time away from everything
and I found that meditation helps me a lot
It didn't use to be like that for me at all
I used to sit there and try to meditate
and start thinking that it was really stupid 
but the more I read and heard about the benefits of
meditation the more I had to try sticking with it.

I remember I started by doing it only 2 minutes
then when I felt ready I increased to 5 minutes
then 8 then 10 now I can meditate up to half hour
it's an incredible feeling
as you can see in my picture
I am sure that if I make art after meditating more often
I will come up with different peaceful scenarios
which I might try by the way :)

I love #expressitmonth
I am tying to do it most days for a month
is just hard to find a quiet time
to come and post it on my blog

Again, thank you so much for being here

Much Love,


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