Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thank God for Art Therapy :)

Making my #expressitmonth art today
I came to a realization
but I am going to keep it a secret
for a little while...

Anyways, I started this page
by putting down my feeling
writing them down all over the page with
plain kids markers and since these markers
are water based I took a brush with water
and smeared it all around
pretty much the writing is not legible
and it gave the page a base color, a background.

Then I grabbed some acrylic paints
I browsed through whatever colors I have
and see what I felt like using
what I felt attracted to
what called me (if you want to put it that way)

I spread a few drops of each color 
here and there and then
spread it around the page as my feelings come out

I started with the brown/gold color
feeling the stress and anxiety 
then as I spread the green on the bottom
I was thinking I just want peace in my life
then the pink on the side says
I just want love, to feel love, to receive love
then the yellow means
I just want the sun to come out for me

Then I felt like smacking the page!
so I put some dark blue paint on my hand
to symbolize the darkness
saying: ENOUGH!!!

Enough is enough!
and smacked the page!!!

I feel so much better now :)
Took a deep breath
and thank God for
Art Therapy :)



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