Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This Is How It Feels

This is what I woke up to do this morning

I don't know how I came up with this collage
especially today
last night it was really bad
couldn't sleep much
I was thinking and thinking about all our problems
my mind wouldn't quiet down

I took my headphones and cellphone
and put some meditation 
to help me sleep until I finally did
but even with that I kept on waking up on and off
all through the night

I woke up with a migraine
my husband gave me some medicine
and went back to sleep for a little bit
then I got ready for work
but before heading to work I saw I had 20 min
so I ran to get my collage tray
and started working on it

Any word that liked 
that showed up in the magazine
I cut and pasted it to my art journal

All I thought about while looking for words was:
and YOGA

That's the result :)
that's what those three things
feels like to me :)

Thank you for stopping by
and reading my
post of today :)

Love and Peace,


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