Sunday, June 12, 2016

Turning Feelings Into Art #expressitmonth

Here again trying one more thing

I know I might be overwhelming myself 
with all this art challenges and classes
I am taking but I really want to do this one

"Express It Month" by Tara Leaver

I really don't remember if I got an invitation
through her newsletter lately
or how did it show up in my inbox

I was there at the right time :)

This is my first page

(pray for me that I can stay with it)
I tend to bier off and wonder around
to do other things art related lol

As you can see this page has some anger in it 
that's why the red is there and the dark blue
I usually don't use strong colors like that
and thanks to this page
I feel better now.

Does anybody feel brave to join me?
I would love to if you let me know :)



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